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Raising Funds for your cause

Learn How one Major charity received 4 times the average donation

Learn How one Major charity received 4 times the average donation

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We are passionate about helping all charities and non profits improve their annual funding with add on donations.

Reach donor's hearts through direct mail. Our successful campaigns are a great way to receive add on donations. This includes raising funds through current donors, acquisition, monthly giving. Direct response channels include mail, email, telephone, and websites.

One major charity client received 4 x their average donation that included a cheque donation, credit card donation, and a significant Gold4good donation. Another Gold4good donor donation supporting a not for profit organisation out did the donations of 11 years of regular giving from an individual donor.

AJL Fundraising Group unique concept and Gold4good  initiative is a fantastic way to raise more funds through our donation direct mail packs.

If your planning your next mailout campaign or fundraising event and want a boost in funding and attract new donors.

Speak to our team today as we are always ready to assist organisations big or small with great options to help with your fundraising goals.

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