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Raising Funds for your cause

Fundraising Services

AJL Fundraising Group offers a variety of exceptional fundraising services. We help raise significant funds for many great causes.

Helping charities & not for profits,schools,hospitals, medical research institutions, sporting clubs and church groups. Trusted experts in fundraising for over 25 years supporting the education sector,children’s welfare, humanitarian aid, and recycling initiatives to make an impact and change lives.

We are proud to be an Australian certified company and organisational members of The Fundraising Institute of Australia. Our awarded winning company is also listed on Fundraising Directories. 

Offering many professional fundraising campaigns and other forms of donating initiatives for many organisations large and small that delivers high funding results.

Providing the latest initiatives in break through fundraising. Our company is experienced in high revenue prizes for major galas & events ." Known in the industry to have a heart of gold". 

" I don't know what we would do without The AJL Fundraising Group"- RBWH Foundation 

From appeals to direct mail campaigns, donor uplift and ways to receive add on donations to raffles and live auction prizes to digital campaigns that achieve significant funding fast ! 

View all our fundraising services and click on thumbnail tabs below.Let our dynamic team help exceed your fundraising goals. 


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