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AJL Fundraising Group experts in fundraising campaigns in Australia 

Giving donors more options of ways to donate is the key!

Gold4good ® was created with extensive research as we wanted to address the issue that genuine charities & causes find it hard to get continual donations to achieve desired outcomes that benefit our communities. Gold4good fundraising campaigns allow a way to better the world by making a positive choice in your normal everyday living even if you don't have the financial means or time to commit further help.

Gold4good ® fundraising campaigns and appeals present the solution and enables more people support charities and great causes. We provide people with a option to donate that will not put any additional financial constraints on them and known for our a unique concept that has a point of difference and achieves outstanding funding results!

We’re proud to provide a way to support donors to help their favourite cause while giving purpose to their unwanted, broken or odd bits of gold or silver jewellery in a form of recycling unwanted goods. 

Want to learn more ? Simply email us on our contact link below and we welcome you to be apart of another fundraising success story.

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